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At Global Immi Connect, our primary mission is to provide sincere, reliable, and genuine guidance to individuals aspiring to pursue their studies in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. At GIC, our commitment extends beyond education, encompassing comprehensive business management consulting services tailored to small and mid-size companies. We specialize in offering support to businesses seeking to expand their operations in Australia. When you engage with GIC, you'll have the chance to collaborate with a team of highly skilled consultants. Their expertise lies in connecting you with our extensive network of esteemed education partners worldwide and facilitating the growth and success of your business endeavors.

Our Mission:

At Global Immi Connect, we help international students and small to mid-sized businesses. We give personalized guidance that goes beyond just education. Our goal is to help everyone make informed decisions by offering advice that fits their unique needs. We support students and businesses in a complete way, making sure they can confidently go through their journeys and choose what's best for their future. With our mix of educational know-how and business advice, we aim to help people and companies grow and succeed.



Our goal at Global Immi Connect is to become the leading provider of dependable and precise solutions for all education, visa, migration challenges, and business management consulting needs. We leverage our expertise and affiliations to achieve this objective. As an organization, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity while serving our clients. Furthermore, we aspire to grow and expand, ensuring that our dedication to excellence remains unwavering.

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Director - Education Agent - QEAC 11641

Kish Maharjan is an accomplished professional with 16 years of living in Australia, 14 years of business management experience, and an MBA from Macquarie University. Having worked and traveled internationally, he possesses a global mindset that enables him to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Drawing from his own journey as an international student, Kish is passionate about helping others achieve their future goals. With a wealth of knowledge and a well-rounded perspective, he offers personalized guidance and support to students, empowering them to navigate their educational journey with confidence.



Migration Lawyer

Flora Meier is a highly qualified lawyer specializing in immigration, employment, and succession law. With dual qualifications in France and Australia, she offers comprehensive legal services to diverse clients.  With over 8 years of experience in Australian visa and migration services, she has helped numerous clients navigate the complex immigration system. Flora's expertise extends to solving complex visa issues and providing practical solutions, along with her experience in employment and succession law. Committed to delivering personalized and professional services, Flora is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for her clients.



Migration Agent - MARN 2217821

Min Su, a highly experienced migration agent, specializes in assisting clients with Australian visas and immigration issues. With a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree, she brings over 3 years of expertise to her practice. As an immigrant herself, Min Su is passionate about helping others navigate complex migration challenges, drawing on her deep understanding of diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Her extensive background in the hospitality and customer service industries has equipped her with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Fluent in English and Korean, Min Su is dedicated to providing outstanding service and building strong client relationships as a trusted migration agent.

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Region - Turkey and Europe

Originally from Turkey and now residing in Australia, Alp brings a wealth of experience, particularly in understanding the challenges students encounter when they arrive in Australia. Having personally gone through the process himself, he is well-versed in the intricacies of student life and visa procedures.

Alp's interests lie in architecture and sports. He pursued his architecture studies in Milan, Italy, and is currently pursuing a master's degree at the University of Sydney.

Drawing from his own experiences and extensive research, Alp is dedicated to assisting others navigating the visa process and adjusting to student life in Australia.

Alp is passionate about helping individuals and expats as they navigate their careers in Australia. He is committed to making their journey smoother and more enjoyable.

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Region - South America and Spain

Mateo, an expat and accomplished entrepreneur in Australia, embarked on a remarkable journey from practicing law in Colombia to pursuing higher education abroad. Spending two years mastering his skills in law, Mateo seamlessly transitioned to university life in Australia, gaining firsthand experience of the challenges faced by students from diverse cultural backgrounds. With resilience and insight, Mateo organized inclusive events and thrived in Sydney's competitive business landscape.

Mateo's passion lies in supporting international students and expats in Australia, particularly those who speak Spanish or are from South America. With his guidance, navigating life abroad becomes more manageable. Step by step, Mateo leads the way toward academic and personal growth, fostering enduring connections along the journey.




Region - China, France and Asia

Birney, a dynamic Aussie entrepreneur with a Chinese background and heritage, is a switched-on individual who organizes language exchange events in Australia, bringing together people from all corners of the globe.

But Birney isn't just about business; he's also passionate about science, loves traveling while working remotely, and has a keen interest in sports and learning about different cultures. Fluent in French, Chinese, and English, he's currently adding Japanese to his repertoire.

Friendly and open-minded, Birney is always eager to meet new people and assist expats in settling into life in Australia. Whether you're looking to learn a new language, explore diverse cultures, or simply make friends, Birney is here to guide the way.

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